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Fandom: "The Cat Return" (a Studio Ghibli film)
Pairing: Haru Yoshioka x Baron Humbert von Gikkingen
Theme Set: Beta
Title: Hard on the Knees
Rating: PG
Warning(s): None
Notes: The ups and downs of an unconventional relationship.

1. Walking

While strolling through the human city, Haru likes to point out all of her favorite restaurants; Baron's weight a comfortable presence on her shoulder.

2. Waltz

Dancing lessons were more than just an excuse to visit often.

3. Wishes

The Cat Bureau had a knack for making wishes come true, which explained why Haru shrunk every time she entered the little, green house; shimmying through the door way every week was getting tiring.

4. Wonder

Oddly, catnip did nothing for Baron (much to Haru's disappointment).

5. Worry

Despite being a cat figurine with a soul, Baron was well aware of the dangers in the human world and felt an odd pressure in his chest every time Haru left for her home.

6. Whimsy

A well-rounded gentleman is always endowed with a healthy sense of humor.

7. Waste/Wasteland

Sitting at the Cat King's side (with new ears, nose, and paws), Haru silently wished that the Cat Kingdom would look more desolate; then it wouldn't be so hard to hate this place, and lose her self in the process.

8. Whiskey/Rum

Baron considered himself a gentleman of refined tastes; while rum could be nice on occasion, nothing beat the soothing tart of red wine (or the fruit of Haru's humble laugh).

9. War

Not a violent cat by nature, Baron did not hesitate to handle a sword--or cane--to ensure the safety of his human female.

10. Weddings

Haru had enough proposals to last two lifetimes.

11. Birthday

According to Toto, a creaton's birthday is the day that he or she recieves his or her name; so in celebration, Haru went to the local jeweler that specialized in writing names on small grains of rice (she had to pay a little extra to get 'Baron Humbert von Gikkingen' on the small surface).

12. Blessing

Baron, who was not accustomed to recieving presents, blushed for the first time in his life; thank goodness for fur.

13. Bias

As Haru helped her mother pick out fabric for her latest quilting project, she found herself caressing the soothing oranges and tans of cotton patterns.

14. Burning

Neither Baron nor Haru were able to explain the intense burning under their skin, when she lept gratefully into his arms.

15. Breathing

Holding the figurine to her cheek, Haru waited for him to wake up and come back to life again.

16. Breaking

When Haru realized that it was love, the absurdity of the situation broke her.

17. Belief

Muta wasn't past believing in anything beyond his stomach, but watching Baron fly up the tower with that little chicky in his arms seemed right, even to him.

18. Balloon

"Haru, get your head out of the clouds and help me clean this blackboard."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah; Tsuge is waiting, right?"

19. Balcony

The balcony in the Cat Bureau is Toto's favorite place to spy on the lovebirds . . . and taunt one particular fat cat.

20. Bane

Haru didn't know what was the burden of their fairytale: his existence as a figurine or her responcibilities as a human.

21. Quiet

As the rest of the class finished with their quiz, Machida leaned back in his chair to glance at Haru, only to find her scap paper filled with doodles of cats.

22. Quirks

Toto loved taunting Muta; Muta loved insulting Toto; Baron was a closet baker; and Haru liked braiding the thin tassels adorning the Bureau's couch pillows.

23. Question

"What would you have done if we didn't make it out in time?"

24. Quarrel

Meaningful silences between the girl and her gentleman are always accompanied with Toto and Muta's background noise.

25. Quitting

Prince Lune knew, as he watched Haru and Baron fight for freedom--for eachother--that he would never give up in his own fight for Yuki.

26. Jump

Baron would never forget the fearexhilaration of leaping from the tower and freefalling into the city scape, hand-in-hand with her.

27. Jester

Baron agreed with Haru whole-heartedly: the Cat King was indeed a ridiculous fellow.

28. Jousting

Ever second Friday, Haru snuck her three heroes into her room to watch movies of war, glory, jesters, and knights in shining armor.

29. Jewel

As a joke, Naoko bought a pair of promise rings for her daughter; Haru spent the rest of the week toiling in embarassment, wondering how to present one to Baron without seeming too forward.

30. Just

Baron couldn't not think about her whenever his special blend of tea came out just right (just like it did then).

31. Smirk

"Soooo, tell me, Haru: who is he?"

32. Sorrow

Before Haru fell into their lives, Baron never found any particular reason to leave the Cat Bureau, or to emerge from his figurine state.

33. Stupidity

There were days when Haru wished that she could get over her ridiculous crush and get an actual boyfriend that she could hold hands with in public.

34. Serenade

It didn't surprise Haru at all to discover that Baron was well-versed in using a violin (seeing him expertly pluck at an electric guitar was a different matter entirely).

35. Sarcasm

Muta snorted, "Of course, Baron; it makes purr-fect sense."

36. Sordid

Some days, Haru hated herself for being human: on others, she hated him for being a foot-tall cat figurine.

37. Soliloquy

Haru takes mental notes while listening to Baron talk to himself as he makes a new blend of tea.

38. Sojourn

Everytime Haru visits the Bureau, Baron takes full advantage of the female's smaller size in the slyest (and most courteous) ways possible: reaching for the plates in the top cupboard, brushing any stray leaves from the top of her head, holding her a little closer than necessary as they danced, and cradling himself around her if she ever fell asleep.

40. Solitary

Despite odds, their attraction made sense: he didn't belong in Cat Kingdom and she didn't feel at home in her own world.

41. Nowhere

For someone who almost never left the city, Baron was an exceptional geography tutor.

42. Neutral

Haru hates the color gray.

43. Nuance

After a long day of helping lost souls and keeping Muta in line, Baron likes to explore bright memories to search for the precise moment when Haru became more than just another human girl.

44. Near

Once Baron finally replaced his cane, Haru asked to have it (it stays on a thin chain around her neck).

45. Natural

Would Baron feel as comfortable in human size as Haru is when she shrinks to his?

46. Horizon

There are no illusions of their relationship lasting for an eternity, so they make due with what the have (and pray that time be merciful).

47. Valiant

Baron would never accuse Haru of being any kind of helpless damsel-in-distress.

48. Virtuous

Haru would never accuse Baron of being anything but a virtuous gentleman.

49. Victory

It's always been an uphill struggle: they realized this the moment they faced the Cat King's daunting maze.

50. Defeat

Falling always hurts, but they learn to grit their teeth and get back up: hand in hand.
50 themes

Haru and Baron

These two need more love.
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5ilvara Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I like the 18 (I'm always very glad when second characters are not forgotten). The 29 would be very interesting prompt. And the 35 simply made me lol. It's so perfectly Multa-like, I say. :D
I can only agree with 40th. And I love your realist view on 16, 20, 33 and 36. Right now I think I would read anything from you. 41 is so true, in this shojo, humorous illogical facts are priceless =D. 44 is so cuuute! D:<

*sigh* This was very very very (very sugoi-y) interesting to read. These sentences are clever and gentle. 96% of them are dear to me.

And now, you write a ficklet for every sentence, right? (Whaddayamean 'no'? ;__;)
Cimorine90 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
yes, yes they do. I think I just might begin a fanfic with these two. no one has finished fanfics on them. :(
ElfFreak Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010
You win. THANK YOU.
frenchvanilla1312 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009
indeed! ^w^
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